Realm Of Empires Power Tools

Here is a unsupported downloadable mapping & attack scheduler tool. This is a temporary tool that will be eventually replaced by an in-game version. It allows you to map the entire realm and color code clans and players as you like, and setup and plan large scale attacks with audio & visual reminders when to send an attack.

  • Windows XP or newer (will not run on Mac etc)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (most people will already have it installed as it is normally part of regular windows update)

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Sample screen shot 
Attack scheduler how-to

Some technical details:
The tool downloads realm world data from the server and stores it locally on your machine. This is done the first time you start it and then you can later force it to get latest data from the server from the Tools menu. The data is updated only once per day therefore there is no point getting latest data more than that.